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  • Made it very comforting for us and my dog while he was uthenized..... The sedative/painkiller kept my dog calm and pain free while he passed on . Nothing scary happened, he didn't freak out or move even and I'm glad because I probably would have freaked out myself.... My champ was sent off into the next life comfortably. Thank you Also, I wasn't able to add any pictures of my baby boy the first time around here's champ at his best how I like remembering him.... I feel like I've Almost lost a child, my red nose pit bull was the sweetest friendly lover to everyone I had ever seen him around that only wanted to please. He was even gentle and sweet around other dogs and loved to play. Never knew a pit could be so smart. I don't understand the misconception around these breeds, they are all very loving, it's only their owners that are bad, or abusive which makes them only act as any pet AND human would if they had suffered abuse and trauma... He even was gentle to my daughters as babies (a little confused as to what they were) but my youngest wouldn't take her eyes off him and was so ecstatic when she was able to be near him as a baby. Animals teach our children something I can't quite name but as close to compassion and companionship that I think we can understand. Animals tend to give us grace I guess that people just don't sometimes even as children. But as any animal can seem to be one you would trust with your life, I don't recommend leaving your small child alone with any dog because accidents happen and little ones can be rough accidently and no one wants to see a baby or child severely hurt because the dog only got scared or had his tail pulled on really hard and then is put down and thought to be vicious.... That is just neglect to me because aren't our animals our children as well and our responsibility? So thank you again to the staff at daisy mountain veterinary hospital, without people doing what you do life wouldn't be so full of joy for everyone. Im tearing up as I say this because I will really miss this dog. I hope to get his ashes and paw print soon. Much love

    Shay Bryant

  • I had my 12 year old Staffordshire Bull terrier female in a few weeks ago for pancreatitis. Dr Forest and all the staff were very helpful. This was our first time at Daisy Mountain vet. After 6 years with another vet we will be switching to Daisy Mountain. I found their prices very reasonable too.

    Mandy-Leigh Motzouris

  • 4.7 Google Rating

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